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Zhejiang haiyan paper dyeing regulation through city acceptance

by:WenJie     2020-03-28
16 morning, jiaxing city, zhejiang province ecological organization for the municipal environmental protection bureau, by letter, the National Development and Reform Commission, construction committee, safety bureau, supervision bureau and other departments of specialized assessment team all, haiyan ascension work paper printing and dyeing industry regulation for regional acceptance. Acceptance report with selective examination combined with comprehensive and detailed industry according to introducing, the county involved 23 paper printing and dyeing enterprises, including 8 paper-making enterprises, 15 printing and dyeing enterprises. Plans to shut out five, in situ remediation improve enterprise's 18. As of December 2, paper printing and dyeing industry renovation work complete ascension. Paper industry has shut down two enterprises, six in-situ remediation to ascend; Dyeing and printing industry has actually shut down 1 3 companies and enterprises of printing & packaging and dyeing production workshop, in situ remediation 11 companies. Six situ ascension of papermaking enterprise renovation investment 31. 03 million yuan, after the renovation paper industry wastewater, cod and ammonia nitrogen emissions compared with 2010, fell 43 respectively. 5%, 44. 1% and 6. 9%. Tons of products, cod and ammonia nitrogen wastewater emissions down to 3 respectively. 700000 tons, 0. 335 kg and 0. 049 kilograms, fell by 63 than in 2010. 6%, 64. 1% and 39. 5%. and dyeing enterprise regulation ascension into capital of 36. 55 million yuan, mainly used for the reconstruction of DiBiao, and gray water recycle and environment regulation. Through promotion regulation, printing and dyeing industry main pollutants such as COD has achieved stable discharging standard, the displacement and the COD down more than 30% compared with 2010, the average repeated water use ratio of no less than 35%, achieving the target of regulation requirements. At the same time, the county environmental protection bureau head but also to the assessment team all detailed report of paper printing and dyeing industry regulation ascend the related technical report. Subsequently, the municipal assessment team all line to jiaxing bolaite bleaching paper co. , LTD. , in haiyan county city co. , LTD. , field inspection of water quality automatic monitoring system of the two companies, sewage treatment facilities, production workshop operation status, etc. , to do the inspection work doing fine. Resultant force to promote, law enforcement and reversed transmission, service synchronization sea salt move more booster work against provincial, municipal industry regulation about ascension paper printing and dyeing industry regulation, the requirements of the relevant haiyan prominent throughout the three batch &; Regulation goal of enterprise, adhere to the quality and progress, and always will be laying solid foundation shut out and speed up the renovation propulsive synchronous hoisting assignment. Scheduled industry regulation list related to advance schedule, knock on the propaganda policy spirit, to discuss a factory closure & throughout; And shut down companies subsidy policy & hellip; … County departments and towns ( The street) Cooperate with each other, work together, many measures regulation ascension work steadily promoting paper printing and dyeing industry. Strict law enforcement, reversed transmission enterprise transformation and upgrading. At the end of June this year, the county environmental protection, public security, hair change, by letter, safety, and other departments jointly carry out 6 & middot; 30 zero action & throughout; For no down regulation according to the plan to complete the renovation of enterprises. County since the beginning of the year according to the statistics, environmental protection, public security, to strengthen cooperation, cracked 141 cases of illegal environmental pollution, with fines of up to 560. Six people were 280000 yuan, the transfer of public security cases, criminal detention, 11 people, crack down on illegal and criminal behavior environment. In order to ensure the quality control task to guide enterprises county, printing and dyeing do have held the papermaking chemical industry regulation regulation advance will improve work area. Not only detailed county environmental protection bureau established industry regulation, ascension workbook to written interpretation of acceptance standard, also specially invited provincial experts to the county central astri jiaxing branch management improve enterprise involved in training. The reporter understands, the city through the discussion on the assessment team all line, such as spot checking way of acceptance, the final feedback said to improve haiyan paper printing and dyeing industry regulation work acceptance through, also suggested that haiyan next should further explore long-term focus on industry management, pollution source control, deepen the industry regulation, etc.
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