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Woodcut watermark printing process

by:WenJie     2020-04-14

1: GouMiao ( Color separation)

GouMiao first will fully transparent and impermeable film in the original paper, then the picture GouMiao faithfully reproduce on the film.

put wild goose cover paper on GouMiao into a draft of the film, according to the different hue color separation respectively, points, lines, color piece, inscriptions, seal and the picture level, tracing respectively into sheets of draft. How many color on the original, tracing respectively into how many stories.

GouMiao technical personnel should not only have high painting skills, as well as the traditional Chinese painting to have deep attainments. GouMiao to the actual shading of the manuscript, the painter's style and artistic characteristics and image size how many tablets, how to print to make a decision.

2: carved wood will draft post on the board, after being dry solid can be carved plate making, each manuscript carved into boards, printed a picture to carve a few blocks, even will be one hundred pieces of plate. Carving personnel must be cooked on ancient and modern HuaLi, serious can realize the original knife freely and with confidence level line, attempt to carving. 3: printing & packaging will be brush seal carved wood in turn. Approach is to block out part ( Is the picture) First carries on the brush and ink, then spreads out the rice paper on it, and then holding a brush, brush seal on the paper. How many pieces of wood with brush printed many times, this paper finally made into finished products. It requires that the brush seal must be familiar with the painting techniques, to analyze the original pen in front of the brush seal of fast, slow, light and heavy, color thick, pale, dry, wet, etc, in the process of brush seal, but also according to the original rendering such as polishing, brush seal while using brushes again appropriate processing, to reproduce the original work brush print ink characteristics.

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