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Wood packaging export faces new test gauge

by:WenJie     2020-04-14
A few days ago, the California air resources management committee ( CARB) Through the toxic substances to reduce formaldehyde emissions from composite wood air control measures ( Referred to as ATCM) 。 The measures to build the green barrier & throughout; , it is possible to change the man-made board industry and related industries such as furniture, floor industry, and the packaging industry and the pattern of international trade. Use man-made board in our country's export packing enterprises will face a severe test.

the measures required since January 1, 2009, sold in the state's use of the hardwood plywood, particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF) limit formaldehyde emissions requirements from 0, respectively. Reduced to 0 2 PPM. 08年ppm, 0。 Reduced to 0 3 PPM. 18 ppm, 0。 Reduced to 0 3 PPM. 21 PPM, etc. , and plan the next phase of further reducing formaldehyde emission standard of the products. The measures also apply to the finished goods containing these materials, including furniture, cabinets, scaffolding, countertop, floor and ( Decoration) Outside the box, etc. Which use man-made board made of wooden tray is also considered such finished product, also the measures shall apply.

about plywood pallet, ATCM rules: 2009 years ago to make tray will not be restricted to the rules. Given the ATCM, tray is considered to be a has been made of the finished product. Starting in 2009, made of composite wooden pallet ( Hardwood plywood used in industry, for example) Will be in California is limited by laws and regulations, and California has listed the tray must use appropriate and can legally use and sales of materials. In addition, any indicated in the invoice to trade products must be marked using the tray or container at the same time, in order to show that all the items listed are in line with the ATCM rules. As a result, in 2009 the tray will be CARB testing and material used to make the tray must be meet prescribed standards.

the implementation of the measures will be man-made board, furniture, packaging and other related industries have a profound impact. Although this is the measures for the implementation of the state of California in the United States, but due to other parts of the United States and not the relevant laws and regulations, so the state could refer to perform, in fact, is likely to become a United States federal laws and regulations, and even Europe will be modeled.

now zhangjiagang existing companies receive notice to the consignee of California, request the original use man-made board compound wooden to suit ATCM rules on the use of solid wood pallets or wood, as there are 2008 procurement and packaging as far as possible in the March 31 finished. Zhangjiagang local influential man-made board printing & packaging & packaging using the enterprise is zhangjiagang Ellie plastic products co. , LTD. , products for plastic floor tile, wood holds up to 100000 years to California, former company adopt ordinary plywood wooden splints, now our company has been looking for domestic comply with the ATCM in grasping the rules of man-made board production enterprise. Estimated that there were more than 10 zhangjiagang man-made board printing & packaging & packaging use enterprises will be affected by the regulation. To leave the country man-made board production and use of the packaging industry in our country will face new opportunities and challenges.

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