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With offset printing units reverse polish stereoscopic printing steps

by:WenJie     2020-03-28

reverse polish belong to local glazing. Before the last line of local glazing process must adopt local glazing printing & packaging light oil, formed in the printing quality local shining high contrast effect. The limitations of traditional local glazing is difficult to achieve high precision local alignment. The use of offset printing units for reverse polish, overcome the shortcomings. Its technology is: according to the normal sequence of color printing, printing ink drying after use offset printing & packaging units in do not need to highlight the high brightness of the local area printed on a layer of OP oil, finally in the full version in the printing surface coated UV glazing oil, and curing. So, in the area of UV glazing oil and OP oil contact, form a matte surface, MAO area is formed in the reverse high gloss mirror, ornament and highlights the local graphic.

reverse polish with offset printing units, and the biggest advantage of local glazing alignment precision is high, meets the need of some local glazing at the edge of the complex.

reverse polishing method, its production method is the following steps;

1 normal printing ink on the substrate;

2 on the print with water-based light oil base or to omit this step;

3 drying or curing;

4 offline printing special ink in the light area ( OP oil) ;

5 in the region of the light and the light areas full UV glazing according to the specified location.

this process compared with the existing wired printing glazing technology, without special ink printing place luster, through special ink processing place because the ink and gloss oil incompatible principle causes the not smooth effect, such as granular, resulting in the effect of contrast, making substrates can have a better printing effect, graphics will be widely used in printing technology, saves the process, cost savings, is worth popularizing printing industry.

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