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Why the same quality of corrugated box color box under the custom price lower?

by:WenJie     2020-09-07

in guangdong so much paper printing & packaging plant in the home, the quality of the packaging in the upper, but in terms of price, and we are under the same quality lower than the former 3 - 4. Was the key point is the cardboard production line, we have our own direct investment paper source, the introduction of Germany imported printing & packaging equipment, with independent research and development design team, have on the production and printing & other; Throughout this & control; Advantage.

the color box color box custom one advantage in paper source, we have been in 19 years in south China international printing paper packaging trading center, with a number of brand papermaking enterprises reached a long-term cooperation. At present, we use the special paper, printing paper material does not contain a dozen species, a large number of orders can be designated specialty paper printing production. Paper material brands are: nine dragon, dragon, the sun, the asia-pacific, etc.

color box color box custom use their paper board production lines, without outsourcing board to save the cost, we have 1. 8 m, 2. 5 meters production line equipment, a variety of pit type corrugated machine. Also has a variety of automatic or semi-automatic production equipment, such as: automatic scanning, digital printing & packaging/film/blue paper, laser die-cutting, paper, automatic import 5/6/8 color printing, color printing presses, Heidelberg printing machine, mitsubishi 4/6 global group 5/6 color printing machine, laser engraving, cutting, nail riding machines, Heidelberg martini installed plastic ink printing presses, tags, threading machine, automatic pasting/laminating/hot stamping/polishing/sticky box machine, automatic box/post/window slot molding/stamping die cutting/viscose pieces sticky box/nail box/packaging equipment. Almost meet customer needs.

for over 50 years, has been committed to the color box, color box customization never ceased.
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