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Why the color printing packaging indentation to fry line phenomenon

by:WenJie     2020-09-06

color printing packaging manufacturer of color printing packaging paste system often found that can appear indentation to fry line phenomenon, this not only affects the packing box of beautiful degree, also seriously affect the quality of it. Later, after the study found that the cause of color printing & packaging packaging in creasing Fried line mainly has the following kinds.

the first, the paper fiber direction: paper fiber direction parallel to the indentation steel wire, paper fibers cannot make indentation area uniform stress at the same time, after molding, color box without fiber in the internal stress in the zone of indentation, the momentum of function, can appear the crack; They form dominant crack;

the third, when designing the box type ignores the thickness of the paper: related design without weighing box of the avoiding collision, forming lap a turning point in stress excessive concentration, after forming indentation to fry line phenomenon will occur.

4, color printing packing paste system in the process, if ignored the post-press processing of moisture protection and temperature control in the working environment, color box after hot stamping, embossing, laminating and die-cutting indentation process after the moisture loss serious and become fragile, after folding, folding and pressing back, also can appear indentation Fried line.

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