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Why the color printing packaging in powder will produce snowflakes

by:WenJie     2020-09-14

color printing printing & packaging manufacturer product variety is more, product appearance fashion, colorful, has a wide application in our daily life, but in simple terms, the beauty of it is from the powder spraying, powder spraying often there will be 'snow' but in, cause this is what?

at the time of use the product, you need to spray head didn't clean or damaged equipment, can also cause color printing packaging quantity powder on the phenomenon of local is too big or too small. Some powder products need to do some simple processing before use, if the color printing & packaging printing & packaging ignore this step, it may make solidified powder spraying, powder spraying massive particle plugging caused local particles is overmuch, producing snow.

if cause color printing printing & packaging produce snowflakes, is primarily determined by spray head, only after use timely cleaning spray head, regular check, once found damage, the timely repair or replacement, so that it can effectively avoid the occurrence of 'snow'.

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