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Why food color box custom packaging science and technology are in use?

by:WenJie     2020-09-02

fruit color box customized packing we know is better in litchi waxberry is more difficult to save, in ancient times there & other; A ride the world of mortals gold smile, no one know is litchi to & throughout; Verse litchi transportation difficulties. But now we by freezing preservation nitrogen-filled packaging technology for a shelf life is extended from the original 7 days or so to 14 days or longer time. Extend the shelf life of food, help enterprises to broaden the market as well as the products are sold to further afield.

the use of printing & packaging science and technology has been very popular, is also adopted in the Chinese rice packaging change, such as color box printing & packaging & packaging containers and packaging materials used for blocking the light and air into the box, makes the rice was extended to more than one year warranty. This means that the color box custom packing rice can reduce the metamorphism, which increases the sales abroad. Reducing food waste to save cost, improve the social image of the brand. Bring more profits, make more consumers enjoy the exotic foods, it is the meaning of packaging technology.

of course in the product fresh at the same time, we also should pay attention to the flavor of the product, packaging technology can not only extend the food freshness, also can ensure the nutrition of the food. Light resistant packaging, for example, applies in the dairy products. Ordinary dairy products storage time is too long, though still in the warranty period, but due to reasons such as illumination, oxygen, dairy products the active ingredient in slowly drains, taste will change accordingly. Anti light box the use of custom packaging keep more of the nutrients in dairy products, improve product strength. This does not change the product formula, do not add other artificial ingredients, can achieve our packing and shipping and packaging technology outstanding advantages.

by changing the packing to extend the shelf life of food, not only can reduce the food waste, can also reduce because of the cost burden caused by food rotting. Is like the fresh food enterprises, packaging technology can help beat time, greatly reduce the attrition rate.

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