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White trap processing solution strategy

by:WenJie     2020-04-15

in plastic printing & packaging & packaging and printing, the white ink is widely applied. Generally in transparent or translucent plastic printing, all need to do with white tap, and sometimes two layers of white. To prevent due to misregister show piece below white, white retraction should be considered before printing. White retraction can according to their color or depth on the customer's requirements, back to the drop-off in 0. 2 to 0. 3mm。 If color piece of white and side is transparent, white to color piece retraction in 0. 3mm。 Black, under the golden white, white to black, golden retraction in 0. 5 ~ 1毫米。 If the lighter color piece or a flat screen, white shrank back to little or no retraction. For example when the color piece dot percentage between 30% ~ 50%, white shrank back to 0. 15mm; And when the color piece dot percentage is less than 30%, white can not retract. When in the condition of the gradient pattern white, white oblique retraction should be considered. Blue gradient under the white, white blue deep retraction 0. 2 mm, cyan light white retraction 0. 1 mm and inflection point displacement method are available now. If the transparent color, Under the ink is not white) Adjacent with other color, other colors of white to bounce back zero. 2毫米; If the transparent color with white directly adjacent white to transparent color in the expansion of 0. 2 mm to avoid the leak.

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