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Where there is a good food packaging solutions to provide?

by:WenJie     2020-09-06

food packaging plan refers to the inner and outer packing outside the whole case. Some customers of food packaging as long as a layer, so there is no so-called inside and outside the packaging. General candy, for example, gift box packaging, have inside the bag and bottle, the difference between the inner packing usually use edible or food-grade packaging materials, must is non-toxic harmless health. The outer packing is more beautiful and safe. In the external printing & packaging & packaging materials there is more, bamboo paper plastic metal textile cloth sponges and so on. Even some of the unusual material. In either the primary packing aimed at food safety and convenience. Second food box appearance to attract consumers image value, etc.

food packaging solutions provider, in May this year to supply one hundred kinds of food packaging, including agricultural products, fresh fruit, leisure food, festival and traditional handicraft gift box and so on. All kinds of liquor, nuts, cookies, drinks overwrapping, children's food and health food, and so on. Our company provides all kinds of food packaging scheme is belong to food packaging scheme. Provided by the paper packaging boxes custom cartons can't direct contact with food. Therefore, we need to have inside a layer of packaging. To protect the interests of manufacturers and our packaging products can produce the material quality certificate.

it is summer drinks, fruit, cold high yield and high sales season, all kinds of packaging, in the fierce market competition, how can a surprise victory, in addition to the new product, also need the new packing. Either have window markers on the one hand, to gather people's eyes. For consumer products.

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