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Where is the advantage of carton packaging

by:WenJie     2020-09-18

shenzhen cardboard-box factory products can be used in many industries, in use process need to be aware of what is, now it's time to carefully look at, right?

is advantageous for the mechanized production and carton printing & packaging & packaging sealing flow operation, high efficiency, easy to implement printing & packaging standardization; Light weight, easy handling, can avoid or reduce throw was cast in the process of handling, and thus reduce the damage rate; Carton printing & packaging & packaging use and circulation cost is low, the price of the same inner diameter of three layers of corrugated carton was only about a third of the wood case, and can save about 20% of freight; And to a wooden case goods are converted into two cartons, also can save freight cost more than 10%;

easy to traces of the stolen goods in the cabinet, so it can effectively prevent the stolen goods, and in Marine insurance wpa and TPND, an insurance company to accept.

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