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When does the carton glue of common problems

by:WenJie     2020-09-19

it is well known that does carton glue is one of the most common problem, so serious when comparing influence carton printing & packaging & packaging protection, so the shenzhen a cardboard-box factory and sums up the causes of several common does some carton glue?

the cause of this phenomenon is actually more, generally is in the process of manufacturing the cartons because the glue quantity is not enough, lead to the cohesive enough. Glue after pressing time is too long or too short does could cause the carton glue. If the cartons had coated or oil, the surface tension is easy to cause the cardboard and glue rickety. In the process of manufacturing is also need to pay attention to because of the glue quality is bad, will also does easy to glue.

in order to ensure product quality and needs to be placed in a comfortable environment, so that we can ensure the quality of our products and bring us great benefits.

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