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What problem should note used in the process of the carton

by:WenJie     2020-09-10

carton is now one of the most common packing material, a lot of goods are used it for printing & packaging & packaging. But you know what problem should note in the process of using the cartons? Carton printing & packaging manufacturers to bring us the answer. When using the carton packing for the goods, according to the size of the goods to choose the size of the carton, because when the carton is too big internal goods at the time of transport is relatively easy to shift, is easy to damage, the comparison of carton is usually a small internal goods, use also is not very good. The stand or fall of sealing can directly related to the wholeness of the carton, why do you say that? General carton appears impact or overturn opening position is often the place to which sealing so at the time of sealing must pay attention to, don't become a breakthrough point. When it's used to take the necessary precautions, how do you say? Is a time when in use, can undertake some processing to the bottom of the carton, in the province of transportation of the friction to the point of the cartons to scuffed, lead to internal damage goods.

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