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What kind of is unqualified carton

by:WenJie     2020-09-12

we usually must pay attention to when buying or using the eligibility to identify the cartons. Exactly what kind of carton is unqualified cannot buy? Shenzhen cardboard-box factory to explain to you.

we know that the use of carton is more frequently used, also find some problems, the first is carton function is not complete or problems, main show is: bonded incomplete joint, joint tape is incomplete or joint pin's abundant or not; The edge of the slot cut into the carton side; Cover plates can't docking, the gap is greater than 3 mm; Cardboard moisture content is higher than 20% or below 5%; Carton of indentation present bending; Carton printing & packaging or graphic vague; Carton no anti-sliding measures according to the rules. Poor carton appearance, but not influence the use function, main show is: slot or carton die-cutting coarse; Board appearance with washboard bumpy, affect the printing graphic quality; Box surface pollution miscellaneous points; The shallow scratches or marks rubbed off.

manufacturer should conscientiously production carton, consumer also should pay more attention to when choose whether as a qualified carton

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