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What kind of color printing packaging have characteristic introduction

by:WenJie     2020-09-16

color printing & packaging printing & packaging manufacturer to wipe the sweat NvPing can can be used in many industry, according to the development of modern printing, also can be divided into the following kinds, now it's time to carefully look at it.

flexible version in the first time, because of volatile liquid made with aniline dye named color flexography, use rubber plate. But with the development of science and technology, have very big change, plate and ink flexographic becomes a flexible printing today. According to the different substrates and craft, special printing and can be divided into: gold, silver printing; Electrochemical aluminum decoration; Concave-convex embossing; Die-cutting indentation; Metal printing; Self-adhesive printing; Glazing model; 3 d printing; Foaming printing & packaging; Inkjet printing & packaging; Holographic printing and so on.

in order to guarantee the quality of the product, it can be placed in the appropriate amount of environment, so that we can have the effect of prolong service life, bring great benefits.

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