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What kind bronzing printing process are there?

by:WenJie     2020-08-28

according to the hot stamping templates and different technology, hot stamping electrochemical aluminum types can be divided into the following kinds: hot, cold and single hot stamping, hot stamping, multiple stereo bronzing etc. Small make up to give you a brief introduction a few hot stamping process.

hot stamping

hot stamping refers to using a special metal hot plate, with heat, pressure will transfer to the substrate, hot stamping foil hot stamping need expensive equipment ( Such as: rotary hot stamping roll Jane) , also need heating device, as well as hot plate, printing cost is higher. But the hot stamping color effect and printing quality is better than cold. Main show is stamping image good luster, bright, smooth, clear and sharp edges. Hot stamping material can choose different color, different base material, a wide range of hot stamping foil. Can also be made using computer numerical control carving plate making three-dimensional stereo stamping iron plate, make the hot stamping processing into graphics has obvious three-dimensional level, in the printing surface form has a strong visual impact of the relief effect.

hot stamping is widely used for domestic hot stamping technology, mainly based on domestic flat flat hot stamping equipment. Opposite page list the types of heat, is one of the most common on the domestic market.

cold printed

cold wave will print technology refers to the use of UV adhesives is transferred to the substrate methods on the hot stamping foil. The process is to glue in the surface of substrates, special cold again on film and quickly shed bottom film, cold wave process to complete the whole process. Cold printing process is divided into dry type cold laminating printed and wet type cold laminating two kinds. Don't make metal stamping plate ( Use common flexible edition) And heating equipment, plate making and hot stamping speed, short cycle, low cost of specific heat hot stamping. In non absorbent materials such as plastics, films, PMC, cold seal performance is better effect of specific heat hot stamping. Cold printing technology is mainly used in the tag, printing & packaging printing, high-grade commercial printing & packaging, etc.

stereo bronzing

hot stamping and bump stamping technology is one of the traditional post-press processing technology, and the two together, is that we often see in a lot of printing and packaging of a different kind of printing technology & ndash; — Stereo bronzing. Stereo bronzing is actually using corrosion or engraving technology graphics to make the hot stamping and pressure bump into a female die and male die with up and down. Hot stamping and bump stamping technology a complete process. At the same time because of this technology, hot stamping and pressure bump, reduced the production process, and improve the production efficiency.

hot stamping process has strong visual impact effect, in practice, according to the specific situation to choose suitable hot stamping effect, fully considering the cost and quality. , 1970 set up, deep printing & packaging and printing industry to 49 years old now, spirit, exquisite workmanship, printing enterprise of achievement brand.

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