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What is the rubber sheet printing?

by:WenJie     2020-08-26

belongs to lithographic offset printing, offset printing is the most common printing technology in packaging and printing, with high quality and efficiency in the field of mass printing outstanding advantage, substrates is also very extensive. Lithography is one kind of indirect printing, based on the plate and rubber cloth roller, complete the graphic process of reduction to the substrate surface.

due to the rubber cloth roller has good elasticity and the corresponding lower friction plate, it is helpful to improve the printing accuracy and production efficiency, for instance, now sheet-fed offset press printing speed to 15000 or even 18000 copies per hour is very easy. Using the CTP ( Computer direct plate making technology) After printing precision up to 300 ~ 400 line is not curious, to the substrates of different surface structure also has good adaptability, such as a variety of specialty paper, art paper, etc.

offset printing with water ( Wetting liquid) Offset printing and waterless offset printing, and water is offset printing industry puts it, is to use the oil ( Offset printing ink) Water ( Wetting liquid) Don't mix, the principle of the hydrophilic oleophobic plate blank parts, and the oil-wet hydrophobic plate picture and text part, using the principle of oil-water mutexes, plate with water, first to make the blank forming a hydrophilic shut out of ink film part; Then the plate inking, make the graphic part from ink, the printing pressure, under the action of the graphic on the plate by the rubber cloth roller transfer to the surface of substrates. Water is more common to use offset printing technology.

can be divided into: the lithography drum of flat printing and printing ( Also known as drum printing) 。

flat printing: a printing machine can single feed, graphic is printed on a single page paper or material. Zhang ping printing quality wins roller printing, but slightly less roll Jane printing printing speed. Flat printing machine points, large, medium and small three kinds of types.

minicomputer: largest printing size is 14 inches by 17 inches ( About 35 cm * 43 cm) , have monochrome machine, two colors or business card printing machine, etc. , usually used for small number of short version printing, such as business forms, notes, document format, and a business card printing, etc.

medium machine: the biggest printing size is 49 inches by 74 inches ( About 64 cm * 96 cm) , this kind of machine, the most market's most widely used, such as common folio, four, six or eight boot, printing number is usually printed sheet or so in 3000, is suitable for four color printing brochures and batch production of commercial printing.

mainframe: largest printing size is 49 inches by 74 inches ( About 125 cm * 188 cm) , do not see more on market of this kind of machine, usually for the boot or ultra wide printing machine, can achieve five colours to eight large quantities of printing and color printing & packaging.

roller printing, roller printing machine feed system for Jane, printing material width with different specifications, usually after finish printing machine according to the design requirements for auto cutting into the required size. Roller printing speed is fast and suitable for mass production. Like ping zhang printing, roller printing according to the acceptable material width is divided into different types, the general situation is such, narrow roll Jane only single color or double color printing & packaging, printing and wide roll Jane could be more than one color or printed on the back is at the same time.

Jane roll paper can also be through the flat printing machine cutting equipment, the paper cutting cost sheets of paper, printing on flat piece of printing machine.

high penetration, offset printing technology equipment, complete supporting facilities, all of them are solid market foundation, is currently the most widely used printing technology in the world, especially the printed material field. Mainly include books, brochures, publicity, single page, printing & packaging materials, stationery mail a letter, and exquisite label CARDS, calendar, etc. Although the gravure and flexo manufacturer with its unique advantages are involved, but offset printing office market share has been the biggest, in the foreseeable future period of time will also be maintained this pattern.

waterless offset printing with easy operation, good image reduction, high product quality, beneficial to environmental protection, etc. Silicone rubber plate, special printing ink and temperature control is known as the three major elements in waterless offset printing. Waterless offset printing use in the market is not much, mainly because of the printing technology also has some shortcomings. This is mainly characterized by high cost of plate. Waterless offset printing & packaging with a special kind of silicone rubber coating plate and special printing ink for printing, plate is flat gravure structure, due to material, plate easy to wear and tear, plate material, special domestic rarely, so the price will be high. Special ink also has a lot of special requirements. Therefore, the overall cost is on the high side. In addition, the waterless offset printing requires strict temperature control, and different color ink for color reproduction is different under different temperature conditions, need careful process control technology. So, small waterless offset printing is only applicable to low speed wide printing, and printing endurance is low.

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