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What is the hot stamping process

by:WenJie     2020-09-02

a lot of printing & packaging and printing process, hot stamping for many designers don't strange. Iron is electrochemical aluminum & other Hot stamping & throughout; “ Hot stamping foil & throughout; Or & other; Hot stamping & throughout; And so on, according to the different substrates, can be divided into paper hot stamping, hot stamping, hot stamping and plastic leather bronzing fabric, etc. According to the hot stamping templates and different technology, hot hot, cold and single hot stamping, hot stamping, multiple stereo bronzing etc.

although the gold and silver ink printing with metallic adornment effect similar to that of the hot stamping, but if you want to get a strong visual impact, or to pass the hot electrochemical aluminum technology.

this is one of the important effect of metal surface finishing methods, hot stamping methods mainly include hot stamping and cold two, both have their advantages and disadvantages, in practice, shall, according to the specific circumstances and fully considering the cost and quality, determine suitable for what kind of hot stamping.

the principle of heat process is simple. When the die is set in the printing & packaging plate pressure and heating, and then put gold leaf in steel and to hot stamping material when steel pressure on gold leaf, heat made from gold leaf color layer covered on the final product, hot stamping process is completed. Hot stamping is a kind of can only in paper, plastic, cardboard and other printing on the surface of light, metal effect will not change color printing technology. Hot stamping process does not produce a raised image, but when it and bump technology fusion using, it is called & other; Stereo bronzing & throughout; Or & other Hot stamping convex & throughout; 。

gold leaf, paper, steel mould and selection of pigment are all important factors in the process of hot stamping process. Gold leaf is not confined to gold, silver or similar material, and even metal polishing plate. In fact, hot stamping foil can be large range from paint, paint and other materials.

the main process of hot stamping technology in the plate making and the thermal transfer printing, through the accurate grasp of plate production make the technology more fine. , 1970 set up, deep printing & packaging & packaging and printing industry to 49 years old now, spirit, exquisite workmanship, printing enterprise of achievement brand.

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