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What is the factors affecting the quality of color printing packaging

by:WenJie     2020-09-10

along with the continuous development of science and technology, color printing packing factory manufacturing products is very popular with the people, it has what nature does, we have to carefully look at today.

on the study of the quality of color printing & packaging packaging and printing process, the paper found the sour alkali will cause certain influence to its, and there are some users have been mistaken for alkaline paper will be beneficial to dry ink, so in order to improve the efficiency, also can make the paper into alkaline. But, in fact, this can make the drying speed, in the process of printing paper will of alkali and acid compositions in water neutralization, influence the education version liquid pH. Acidic paper for color printing printing & packaging printing quality is bad, also is the most typical performance makes the ink emulsification, as to appear on the packing surface tinting phenomena.

it seems that the neutral paper of color printing & packaging packaging manufacturer is the most meet the requirements of the printing, even under the influence of various factors in the process of paper making paper will become acidic or alkaline, should also be improved through proper processing, ensure that can get good quality color printing printing & packaging & packaging.

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