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What is the distinguishing feature of UV ink printing?

by:WenJie     2020-09-05

UV in English & throughout; 紫外线” Abbreviations, Chinese translation for & throughout; Uv & throughout; , so-called UV ink, is refers to by ultraviolet irradiation crosslinking polymerization reaction, can instantly curing ink film. Whether flexo, offset printing, gravure, screen printing all can use UV ink, including in offset printing, flexo and screen printing on the use of relatively broad. Using UV ink printing has the following characteristics:

healthy environmental protection. UV ink does not use solvent, almost not discharge of pollutants in the printing and drying process, also need not powder, etc. Reduce dust pollution in the workshop, improving the environment, printing for operators to minimize body damage, compared with the traditional solvent oil ink. Ink is a kind of healthy environmental protection, especially suitable for printing & packaging of food sanitation and environmental protection printing products.

printing performance is good, quality is stable. UV ink particles, high concentration, physical properties stable, when the printing ink quantity is small, but the network is still thin, ink is mellow, even, bright, high gloss, UV ink and frictional resistance, waterproof, heat resistance is higher than ordinary ink printing products.

print ink drying time is short, low energy consumption. UV ink drying speed in seconds or even zero a few seconds. Needed and powder spraying link in ordinary offset printing ink, printing can be immediately after a crib to pile up, also can undertake after process immediately processing, printing quality clean, can not only save time and cost, also improve production efficiency.

printing bearing fan figure more widely. Due to the UV ink has good adhesion, printing bearing fan figure more widely. Many non absorbent materials can be done using UV ink printing, the effect is more ideal, such as gold and silver cardboard surface of printed material or plastic with aluminum foil layer of absorbent printing material, UV printing & packaging ink printing performance is superior to the ordinary ink.

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