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What is the die cutting indentation process

by:WenJie     2020-09-02

the particular paper and materials in accordance with the design requirements, equipped with steel knife template machine processing and production, the paper or material cutting into the required shape and form of special effects, such as process technology, called die cutting, and the particular paper and material in accordance with the design requirements, the machine processing and production, with steel wire template printed paper or material surface under the effect of pressure or deep or shallow traces of steel wire, then folded by hand or by machine, paper and material easy to bend and some form of structure or shape of such a technology called creasing.

usually die cutting indentation technique is to put the die cutting and line pressing knife combination within the same template, at the same time in the die-cutting machine for die cutting and creasing machining process. In the daily production is often referred to as 'for die cutting or die. Can be used as a separate process operating two process can also be put on the same machine merged into procedures complete, die-cutting version already installed steel knife also install steel wire, not conflict.

die cutting indentation process changed the print a single line or plane form, and make all kinds of printing and packaging to stereo and curve, create a variety of shapes and modelling are more beautiful and delicate, full of creative wisdom of the printing and packaging products.

in the field of paper printing & packaging, die cutting indentation technology widely used, such as common packing boxes, tags, hollow out labeling, fold DM handbill, stickers printing & packaging, leather goods, etc need to be used in the finishing die cutting process. Common three-dimensional packaging such as rectangle, cube, conical body, multilateral body structure. Shapes of graphic works, such as round, oval, plum flower form, polygon, etc. , and the combination of other appear in books album a page show special creative graphic design.

the vigorous development of the laser engraving technology in recent years, some difficult, high efficiency of die cutting process have been replaced with laser marking and engraving technology. Traditional die-cutting indentation process in the education space and develop new technology and new material is not big. 49 years of paper printing & packaging, packing factory, the printing & packaging and packaging quality is guaranteed.

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