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What is the color printing?

by:WenJie     2020-08-29

color is CMYK four-color image color is not set, but before the printing already have good or special ink manufacturers ink to printing the color, use the color can make more accurate color management. Bearing printing color printing, paper whiteness, glossiness and ink absorbency of color deviation, as a result, the deployment of the color, should be in the computer printing paper & other; Sample & throughout; , and checking the actual observation and color performance, so as to involve the reflect the printing effect.

often use color printing to a particular color. While on a computer screen can't accurately display the colors, but through a standard color color matching system, can see the color in the print and accurate performance, usually referred to in the design of printing color almost all use the pantone color.

pantone company is a leading global standard of color and color authority. In 1963, the company's chairman and chief executive officer Mr Lawrence Herbert Lawrence Herbe invented the world-famous pantone color matching system, these color matching system is now a include printing, publishing, packaging, graphic arts, painting, art, computer, films, videos, textile and fashion industry many fields such as the colour of globalization communication standards. And pantone colour relies on its books, software, hardware and related products and services, now has become a world famous general colour standard and the colour language in the world. Pantone ink have a fixed chromatography, color card, the user need some pantone color can find corresponding code, computer design software almost has the pantone color libraries, and use it to define colors.

look from the printing & packaging effect, the color printing ink evenly, field thick, saturation and the purity was higher than four color overprint. The color of the printing effect is four color overprint can't reach. So large area of uniform printing in color piece, it is best to the color ink four-color printing instead.

sometimes to highlight or foil a color image, the design is usually to add a special color as background or full version of the patch, a four-color printing color image part, and the field part should use the color printing. In this way, the color image and field part can get very good color effect, but should pay attention to accounting the cost of printing, because the printing supplier will be calculated on the 5 color printing printing costs, plate making and printing cost will be increased.

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