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What is reason for the color packaging problems

by:WenJie     2020-09-10

color printing printing & packaging products factory is one of the materials we often use, but it will appear in the process of the use of its indentation line, not only affects the aesthetic of the packing box, also seriously affect the quality of it. Now we come to understand it from several aspects.

first of all, we can start from the material of products, need to look at the product strength and toughness, cut wear indentation after processing, color printing printing & packaging & packaging on the part of the indentation of the dominant or recessive a rift. After folding, back to the fold, glue, pressure and stability after processing. They form dominant crack paper fiber direction parallel to the indentation steel wire, cannot make indentation area paper fiber uniform stress at the same time, after molding, color box without fiber in the internal stress in the zone of indentation, the momentum of function, can appear the crack;

in addition, in the process of color printing packing paste, if ignored the post-press processing of moisture protection and temperature control in the working environment, color box after hot stamping, embossing, laminating and die-cutting indentation process after the moisture loss serious and become fragile, after folding, folding and pressing back, also can appear indentation Fried line.

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