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What is color printing packaging production process

by:WenJie     2020-09-16

color printing printing & packaging qualitative light, easy to carry, wide raw material sources, in tobacco, are widely used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Today we can follow color printing & packaging printing & packaging manufacturer to get to know it.

sushi Ann we check its quality can be in several ways, using water-based elastic mucilage as printing media, good dyeing force, resistance is strong, washable, basically no peculiar smell; First using traditional graphic printing intaglio printing process to membrane, then adopting laminating process will be patterned thin-film composite on the color box packaging, excellent waterproof and durable; First the graphic printing to the machine or thermal transfer paper, again by heat transfer printing & packaging equipment, transfer the design to packing box, beautifully printed, and rich administrative levels feels, comparable with photos.

these are about color printing printing & packaging manufacturer to us, if you have any other questions, welcome to inquire, we are looking forward to your arrival.

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