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What is bag printing preventive measures?

by:WenJie     2020-08-28

handbags are common in the modern printing & packaging and printing, printing products in the sales and promotion of form a complete set of printing & packaging & packaging bag is permanent. Such as our consumers to buy the tea in the tea sales after all need a handbag convenient customer printing & packaging to carry home. Campaign with a handbag can be a very good advertising effect to enterprise brand publicity.

more vibrant handbags printing more appear elegant, of course the price also is more expensive, the high cost of printing. But in our daily business activities is a part of the necessary. Bag printing on select material commonly used glossy paper, kraft paper production. The main 150 - grams 350 grams. The characteristic of this paper is to suitable hardness and flexibility, smooth look and feel better, based on the characteristics of bearing products weight and choose a different thickness. If the bearing is larger suggested choice of more than 300 grams of paper.

at present, the surface technique is mainly used bronzing, uv light oil, dumb oil, concave and convex, laminating, frosted, color green, etc. , special printing process of flexible use of handbags rich expressions. We also provide handbags rope outsourcing options. High efficiency, professional, cost control.

design: in the production process of product, the design is the di step of production, professional handbag design even with eye-catching trademarks or advertising, customers will be happy to reuse, is one of the effective and inexpensive advertising carrier. : printing is an important link in influencing quality of handbags, craft bad quality will be affected, is usually using offset printing paper. 1. Ink use note: pay attention to use the same inks, ink mixing different properties affect the bag printing quality. 2. The protection of the ink: ink properties is not very stable, it is easy to appear problem, to avoid direct sunlight, temperature wants moderate, in a 10 - 26 degrees Celsius. 3. Dry dilution problem: ink should be stirred frequently, otherwise it is easy to appear adhesive, ink is too thin to printing & packaging will have a big impact. 4. The importance of water, water can control the ink viscosity, balance the PH value. PH value is not good control, can use water to adjust. 5. Dry problem: large-scale printing machine, speed is quick, to some degree affect the ink dry. If drying too slow, there will be a flower. Late late: after the printing & packaging production, need to processing, handbags usually takes paste made from a type, punch, wear, etc.

bag printing precautions: 1: printing paper according to the weight of the bearing products to select different density of the paper. 2: make big size, need to add rivet to pushing on rope hole. Three: a brown paper bag proposed by laminating process to increase the concentration of color, improve the waterproof and avoid carrying capacity. 4: in the process of adhesive should choose corresponding to printing paper glue, lest produce craze.
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