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What is a special process, special process have what advantage?

by:WenJie     2020-09-01

in order to highlight the effect of print unique creative design, can choose a special process technology to realize, deep understanding and flexible use of the special process, is the test visual design printing horizontal breadth and depth of important indicators, is a special process print design and the craft technology combined with the essence of the show, it draw the dragon point clear effect, also has the security function.

from the point of view of printing technology, the industry is often said that the special process of mainly refers to the combination of offset printing and screen printing technology, and based on the hot stamping foil process more complex special process technology such as offset printing or silk screen. They use different printing technology, combining the advantages of complement each other, mutual reflect, make the fine print.

there are on the market by the combination of traditional printing technology and the NIP technology printing system, composed of digital printing & packaging technology and the NIP technology combination printing system, from the traditional printing technology and digital printing technology and combination of the NIP technology printing system, etc. , however, in terms of simple technology, all kinds of special process usually refers to the following these common technique can separate operation.

from the point of view of printing material selection and process, special process actually covers the prints of all levels, from the design to the finished product on the market of common technology mainly include: frosted frosted gold card paper, silver paper, color green onion powder, pearl effect, flocking technology, holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, thermal braille, color ink, and multiple process, etc.

no matter from the perspective of printing & packaging process or in paper material choice, so what are the advantages of special?

improved print visual effect, make the product printing & packaging & packaging has strong visual impact;

from the product appearance can lead his rivals;

help designer to realize all kinds of strange effect, expand the visual design idea;

if again by means of paper art, the print copy is almost impossible task;

as a result, a special process has certain security features;

apparently, a special process is the best shortcut to improve product added value.

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