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What factors can make the packaging cartons are damaged

by:WenJie     2020-09-07

shenzhen cardboard-box factory production of carton is now living in one of the most widely use of transport, you can see that now no matter what will use carton printing & packaging & packaging, but in carton production process will encounter many problems, it is possible to make the cartons are damaged, so what factors can make the packing carton damage?

the first, the box body size of the carton design is not reasonable is one of the influencing factors. The size of the length, width and height of the cartons have much to do with the breakage of the carton.

second, deformation of corrugated carton. Produce the deformation of corrugated cardboard itself is relatively soft, low plane strength and rigidity is also low, with this cardboard corrugated carton compressive strength and puncture strength is small. 。

third, carton printing & packaging design is not reasonable. Corrugated board corrugated shape and structure, determines the bearing pressure of corrugated board. on corrugated board will cause certain damage, the size of the size of the pressure and bear is one of the main factors influencing the cartons compressive strength.

4, cardboard carton layer design is not reasonable. Cardboard layer design is unreasonable, can cause the outer packing carton damage rate increased.

5, the thickness of the corrugated board can not meet the requirements. The thickness of the corrugated board can not meet the prescribed requirements, making the cartons compressive strength is low, carton strength will decline.

6, the cartons poor bonding strength. Carton of bonding strength and the grade of paper, the preparation of the adhesive and related manufacturing equipment and process operation.

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