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What conditions are required to logistics transport packaging corrugated boxes?

by:WenJie     2020-09-02

if you need to customize logistics transport packaging color box, you need to have what conditions? Need to make sure that your first transport goods volume, weight, and degree of seismic drop, etc. , general electric products, if the lining is a precision instrument need not to need to provide materials or other shockproof lining materials need to be carefully considered. The general logistics transport printing & packaging & packaging customization in 7 - color box Within 15 days. Batch 500000 inside is no problem, if you provide information more detailed custom packaging cost time is shorter. Of course, if you need to design printing & packaging pattern requires time. Because after design proofing need 1 - 2 days. After confirm sample to mass production. Now the daily packaging production base, can undertake orders nearly 1 million within the month. Logistics transport packing design and customized solutions.

logistics transport printing & packaging & packaging corrugated boxes made of five layer corrugated paper USES pit type with multiple choice, generally speaking, there are B, C, E, F, G, BC, EB corrugated, cattle card, etc. , at 30 - if your product capacity 50 kg, it is suggested that using a combination of two can pit type, this will increase the pressure and seismic capacity. Paper packaging materials in general needs is not suitable for high waterproof requirements of products, at present the product of manufacturer of guangdong on the temperature requirements, more is applicable in the temperature in the south. If it is the north logistics packaging customization requires the cold resistance of paper material, at a more general carton is expensive.

professional customized logistics transport packaging corrugated boxes on the material and box, is good, is also depending on the transport of goods to choose. Long-distance logistics transportation suggest using corrugated boxes of customization options seismic resistance and some performance better and express the color box, too, because we are not sure will transport in the sorting violence sorting. For the integrity of the packaging products of external and internal packaging cannot little, that's why we ask customers to purchase some sponge, flannel, foam, such as waste paper lining material for inner packaging or filled in.

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