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What color is the hardest when the actual printing print effect

by:WenJie     2020-04-11
Product can be used in the design of a variety of color, but not all of the colours when the actual printing can be printed well, according to the practical experience of many, in this small make up to summarize what color most difficult printing in the printing. 1, 4, color and 3 color over net net, color printing & packaging (full version Suggest using the color print) 。 2, large area of neuter color, easy to printing. The color of the printed ugly 3, large area of green. Is also easy to printing, advertising companies do not know the printing & packaging design is the most difficult to print. Color is on the other hand, too much color very thin, very small word whiten, etc. 4, C = 50 m = 50 y = 50 k = 50 Pacific Ocean network, it is not allowed a little colour cast serious. 5, there is bad also deal with a black background. Black in order to achieve the effect of bottom can use black ink or printed twice, also is not difficult to print, just work. General full version of the things in 6, printing, color full version or area is larger, the white, the same Logo, and the same color piece, often hard to tell color, have off color. 7, blue and green together when printing & packaging is not so good.
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