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What are the two categories of food packaging design?

by:WenJie     2020-09-07

what are the two categories of food packaging design? It is a packaging design, brand design. The main contents are: the concept of packaging design, appearance, function, structure, etc. Brand design content includes: brand positioning, logo design, image, culture building, advertisement, etc. From these two aspects is very specific to food printing & packaging & packaging and image. Make our food product packaging to the full, already practical beautiful.

the quality standards of food packaging to do are: color printing design font clear, uniform ink saturation, also can add qr code according to the requirement on design. On select material must be made of high quality materials, such as the five layer corrugated paper, high strength, good hardness, good buffer, durable can reduce product damage in transit. Food packaging should be beautiful, recommended the integration of cutting, stitching to be fit, not light-leaking, package performance is strong, crafted. Design, clear, beautiful, wear resistance, outstanding theme this is packaging effect highlights the necessary standard.

at the bottom of the food packaging box adopts scientific folding structure design, enclose the blues paper safety, environmental protection grade. Firm adopts scientific folding design, at the bottom of the box, without back cover. This greatly reduced the use of glue, also on the operation more convenient, is not only environmental security.

and have discriminating, Coca-Cola, nestle, oasis of the four seasons, and so on big brand enterprise cooperation, packaging for food manufacturers to provide professional integration services. Welcome related printing & packaging & packaging business consulting, hotline: 13530686081.

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