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What are the most common ways of carton printing corrugated paperboard

by:WenJie     2020-04-15
Commonly used corrugated carton carton printing way generally has the following three kinds: 1. Preprint: including flexo printing and gravure pre-printed, is have the aid of paper printing. This kind of printing overprint precision is high, add line number can reach 150 line. General to mengniu, yili, bright, nongfu spring so big dosage would use this printing way, because it particularly high efficiency, high accuracy and will not affect the strength of corrugated board. But is only applicable to long version live up quantitative demand is very big. Drum surface after printing, rewinding, again on the corrugated board production line, the single or double tile tile machine mechanism into the cardboard, die-cutting, indentation, grooving, drilling, nailing or glue to shape. 2. Flat/offset printing, offset printing, printing first single surface paper, unlike preprint, preprint is reel of paper printing & packaging surface, and it is a sheet-fed printing & packaging, after printing don't corrugated board production line, direct cover machine and single or double corrugated pasting, after after processing. This is very common for sales packing carton. If the cartons are only used as transport printing & packaging, of course, generally use the following a way of printing. 3. After printing, this is everybody see level 3 factories often take way of printing, is to have mounted, too high pressure line board direct printing, low cost, flexible, quantitative no requirement, but due to the flexible printing is a kind of direct printing, rubber roller can directly contact with cardboard and the pressure roller pressure to transfer ink to the cardboard. As a result, the forming of the strength of the corrugated carton is undoubtedly a failure. If the pressure is too small, can produce a washboard, too big, stare blankly.
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