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What are the main factors influencing the qr code printing quality

by:WenJie     2020-04-12
As mobile Internet technology with traditional printing technology constantly fusion, with qr code as the carrier of variable data printing with the help of a flexible and efficient, high adaptability, low cost of inkjet technology, for the traditional label printing & packaging industry brought new change. Variable data is digital printing market performance of the big stage. Very happily, these two years, variable data rapidly emerging market, especially the blowout qr code & throughout; For the further development of digital printing has brought the very good opportunity. At present, the qr code gradually replace the one dimensional code on the product printing & packaging and labelling, its function is also from traditional security requirements based on Internet of things and to expand the marketing function of big data, leading to a surge in demand. Marketing application of qr code, has been a lot of in daily chemical, food, beverage, tobacco, and other fields. In domestic beverage industry, for example, expects to produce more than 1. Nearly half 500 million tons, including bottled water production, there are about 150 billion pieces of bottled water. Again Evergrande ice springs, for example, in 2014, Evergrande ice spring launched a bottle of a yard, code on crazy & throughout; Large-scale marketing activities, every bottle of Evergrande ice springs on the bottle labels can be printed with only the qr code, by scanning the qr code, consumers can link to query system, can be in terms of product traceability and anti-counterfeiting validation, a year only Evergrande ice fountain code demand can be up to 10 billion pieces. Because of printing equipment, printing & packaging plate, printing ink, artificial defects such as the operation, will cause the qr code there is a deviation in the printing. It is because of qr code in the printing process may produce poor quality, so before use, should be prior testing qr code, otherwise unable to read the qr code, influence customer confidence in the product. Here in the newspaper printing plant as an example to discuss the qr code printing, in the actual production of the qr code printing need to pay attention to some problems. Color contrast and alignment qr code can be monochrome black, can also be multi-color overprint. Are the major factors affecting the quality of qr code printing color contrast and overprint error. 1, the color contrast color contrast newspaper qr code will not affect the mobile phone software the recognition of qr code. bar code symbols of the optical properties requirements: in order to read, reliable and after printing, bar code in the line and empty should have obvious contrast, its empty reflectivity should as far as possible big, and the reflectivity of thread should be small as far as possible. Domestic newsprint according to national standard, the white degree is over 50%, normal printing can satisfy the requirement of the qr code identification. But note that when making qr code in the newspaper, to remind the editor can not add background, prevent contrast not affect reading. 2, color overprint error is mainly refers to the qr code. Must ensure that qr code neat and clear when printing. Usually, we overprint error ( Color and image overprint error) The maximum value should be less than or equal to the narrowest line nominal width of the bar code 0. 4 times. According to the national standard, paper overprint error requires less than or equal to 0. 3mm。 In fact, some printing equipment is advanced, the quality requirements higher newspaper at or above the provincial level in this regard can fully up to standard. Some ShiBao, such as overprint is not so stable, suggest qr code use monochrome printing, so there is no problem. missing some elements, pay attention to the plate cannot be lost on the element, so as not to cause the qr code reading difficulties. In printing, the printing plate or blanket, easy to cause the printing & packaging design defect, the qr code throughout this slightly broken pieces &; Design, in the late before printing plate making and pay special attention to check. The printing ink problems to control the qr code symbol size error, the key to control well in the printing ink and printing pressure, guarantee the accuracy of the qr code stripes reduction. Under general conditions, we put the ink to ensure water little ink & throughout; While ensuring the necessary ink layer thickness. No small pressure or not enough ink produce stripes untrue; Don't appear pressure slants big or ink stripe diffusion.
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