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What are the main carton packaging, insect-resistant method

by:WenJie     2020-09-08

shenzhen cardboard-box factory products can be used to store goods or packaging some perishable products, but some penetrating ability very strong grain pests, can penetrate packaging board, not only damage the food, bring us big losses at the same time also has undermined the credibility of us, today we have to understand the way the insect-resistant.

we actually mothproof approach is more, we can use physical methods, for example, is to use high strength film printing & packaging & packaging of a single food, make the worms to wear tight and insect-resistant. But this method must change the existing packaging production line, also increase the cost of the film. One of the most frequently used method is the chemical method, which is coated with chemicals cardboard packaging food to insects, its particular way is on the surface of the cardboard, coated with antifouling paint. The antifouling paint not pesticides, but natural essential oil that can be used as a food additive, its role is not to kill insect, insect repellent, from external invasion of the worm. So we can not change the existing packaging production line, keep a low cost.

save the product of the environment is very important, especially for moistureproof processing, because the product is less resistant to moisture, we'd better place it is stored in the dry environment, as well as in storage environment, insecticidal processing first.

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