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What are the advantages of corrugated paperboard

by:WenJie     2020-09-13

cardboard-box factory in shenzhen in the product type, corrugated carton is one of the common type, and its advantage in what aspects?

a basic function of corrugated carton is to protect goods, not only care about the appearance of the product, and forgot the actual function, practicality is the fundamental. Using corrugated carton, you can accurately convey the basic information of the products to consumers, and product information can be through exquisite design or concise words, ensure the carton conveys information and products. Corrugated carton good design is able to attract the attention of consumers, that cause the consumer's purchase desire, so good quality carton, in terms of modelling, colour and design are very attractive, and clear words also can let the consumer through knowledge of product printing & packaging & packaging.

in addition, the stability of the corrugated carton and shock resistance are good, its compressive strength is one of the best in the carton type, these can be more directly reflects the quality of the carton.

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