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Waterless offset printing and the advantages of the operation

by:WenJie     2020-04-14

on the printing quality of it, do not use water to printing make waterless offset printing network more sharp and better performance. Waterless offset printing has the ability to reach higher line number and the contrast. From the point of printing and persistence, wet offset than waterless offset printing to be more compatible. Water can be seen as a clean plate, ink road, a bit like a self cleaning function when printed.

in anhydrous print, dust, paper scraps can damage the waterless offset printing silicon coating, makes the selection of substrates and cleaning requirements more stringent working environment.

in general, waterless offset printing needs higher requirements of printing machine maintenance and operator skills. Is slightly on the process of error, printing quality can also be changed. The problem of ink temperature, although after years of technology development, the waterless offset printing is still a very complicated process. Every process perfect control, can reach to high printing quality.

when printing speed is higher than 150 meters per minute, wet offset printing need cooling roller, cooling the accumulation of heat in the printing group, it may affect the performance of the ink and ink density.

waterless offset printing & packaging in any printing speed requires cooling roll cooling ink road, and in the center of the version of the roll cooling plate, because the temperature of the ink to printing quality control is very sensitive. Ink the operating temperature limit in a very narrow range, only 3 ~ 4 ℃. According to different suppliers, the higher or lower than the temperature, the ink will become unstable so that the printing quality is affected. In order to better control the printing & packaging effect, the factory need to air conditioning temperature control.

from the point of consumables, waterless offset printing plate has only one supplier, not the ink supplier. Wet offset printing consumables suppliers, actually is plenty. For the material cost, because the waterless offset printing in the industry is not much, so the cost of consumables obviously high humidity ratio of offset printing & packaging. In some cases, ink and plate price is 3 times higher.

waterless offset printing claimed that because do not need to deal with ink balance, thus can reduce the waste. Wet offset printing can be carried out on the other hand, modern automatic adjustment to the ink and water treatment, also makes the ink balance control is more accurate and faster reaction, also enough to waterless offset printing. In fact, the process control to ink, large extent about wet offset printing and waterless offset printing performance.

because there is no water, no water offset in a short turnaround time printing, can achieve good printing effect, the premise is must have, such as temperature and clean conditions, basic parameter has been set correctly.

substrates for don't understand, wet offset printing still need more time, more waste is produced. In repeating the same templates in the known substrates, advanced offset printing ink parameters of the unit can be stored for can be repeated printing, the short preparation time, with the waterless offset printing is no different.

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