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Water-based machine, use the matters needing attention

by:WenJie     2020-04-13
Using water-based machine, surface processing of printed matter. Can improve the printing & packaging surface gloss, enhance the aesthetic effect, and make the print has many characteristics, such as heat resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance. But when using water-based machine, we also should pay attention to the following four issues: clean problem due to the water environmental protection glue dry quickly, if still no flow will dry into a solid lump. If attached to the rubber roller or pressure roller, can cause local glue is too small, or pressure when the local pressure is too large. So keep in the process of pasting glue roller and pressure roller clean. If machine, too much dust in the surrounding environment, print will appear snowflakes, so attention should be paid to environmental health should glue to burn down the back glue barrels sealed, or take the glue before filtering method. Print powder water-based glue itself is also restricted by solubility, if print too much powder, spare parts can't be completely dissolved, the glue will appear large snowflakes. To solve this problem through coordinated process, try to reduce the amount of powder when printed. Appropriate increase glue water at the same time, increased ability to dissolve the glue powder, and on the surface will be print before framed in suspended powder sweep. Print color mainly appears in the large printing & packaging gold and bronzing products. This is due to the glue and chemical properties of active element in the gold chemical reaction happened. If you encounter this problem, we can for printing gold product adopts special gold ink or special glue, or after onlay first hot stamping, effect is very good. Paper-plastic from this phenomenon is easy to appear in the full version of the print for surface printing ink layer thicker, wettability, diffusion, osmosis, glue and glue rickety. We can adopt the following solutions: 1. With this product, use the solid content of glue; 2. Appropriate increase the rubber coating thickness. 3. Improve the onlay and the outside temperature during drying of products; 4. Check whether the glue is bad; 5. Check whether film corona treatment failure.
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