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Water-based ink on the corrugated paper printing techniques

by:WenJie     2020-04-13
The characteristics of a corrugated paper printing & packaging using water-based ink water-based ink is roughly divided into two categories - maleic rosin modified resin series (a. Low) Acrylic resin series (b High-grade) 2 on the properties of water-based ink requirements 1. After long stored precipitation, after classics agitate should be easily dispersed 2 again. To have good flow property and viscosity of 3. Have a good storage stability; 4. Drying performance faster and appropriate; 5. Can't have any bad effects on plate and printing & packaging machine. Can't have too big excitant odour; Fineness: less than 20 microns instrument: 0 - scraper fineness meter 50 microns. 3. Viscosity: 20 seconds & plusmn; 5 seconds instrument: RIGOSHA4 # cup ( 25℃) 。 5 instruments: portable pH meter ( PHB - type 2) 。 。 Heavy metal content: world printing & packaging & packaging green environmental protection standard. 6. Four proper use of water-based ink requires patience required: 1. Before use must be fully mixing, maintain uniform ink composition; 2. Open after use to save the ink should be immediately sealed closed well, in case of dust falling and dry solid crust; 3. Residual ink such as containing impurities should first filter, along with new ink use; 4. Please avoid close to high temperature during storage or sun exposure. 5 that the application of ink viscosity is larger, can add a moderate amount of water.
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