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Water-based ink in gravure printing applications need to be aware of

by:WenJie     2020-04-13

1, plate USES electric engraving or laser version, version of the deep in the 15th & mu; ~ 20μ; Between, this is because the ink is to use tap water production, who is the boiling point of the solvent. Light can improve the printing speed, avoid water ripple, such as using the solvent ink printing on the plate 35 & mu; ~ 40μ; Deep or above will generate water ripples, and use the ink printing on the plate is 25 & mu; Above will have the phenomenon of water ripple, so adopt good plate is very important.

2, good drying equipment, drying temperature should be according to the different substrates, the size of the printing area, such as metal foil label printing, drying temperature above 100 ℃, and the plastic film printing at 60 ℃ - drying temperature 80 ℃ advisable, wind should be stronger than when using solvent ink printing, because besides have a temperature, shall also have the strong wind, so that it can make the ink on the fitting to the substrates can rapid drying.

3, in addition to the metal aluminum foil, vacuum aluminum plating film, paper, all of the plastic film in the use of electric spark processing before the ink printing & packaging, plastic surface dyne to more than 40 ~ 42, water background ink solvent production, due to the water's surface tension is controlled in 72 dyne, so the tension of the ink and the film tension gap larger effect on adhesion, so as to improve the surface tension of plastic film, can make the design good adhesion after printing.

4, before printing ink in the ink tank, by plate idling 2 - Three minutes to play the role of wetting plate and stirring; In the printing process, in order to observe the print needs to stop printing, can't stop plate rotation, plug plate performance shares can be avoided.

5, before printing according to the version of the depth adjustment after good printing viscosity, try not to join the tap water in the printing process, just need to join the new ink viscosity consistent, because the ink in the printing process, in 32 ℃ temperature for 1 hour, who the volatilization of only 1. 2%, the viscosity changes little, so the ink and keep the print color is consistent, improve the qualified rate of printed matter.

6 after finishing, printing, to wash plate immediately, will ink into the ladle cover, put the water into the ink box, rotating plate cleaning cleaning detergent solution or 3%.

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