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Water-based ink in cardboard printing common problems

by:WenJie     2020-04-13

water-based ink some problems often encountered in the process of cardboard printing, causal analysis and resolution methods can refer to the following:

1, printing pressure adjustment is the key, it includes the pressure between the plate and the substrates and the anilox roller and the pressure between the plate. If there is an ink viscosity is too high, the problem of ink drying too quickly, the solution is to regulate pressure, slow dilution ink, add drying agent.

2, printing & packaging ink dry on plate, printing edge blur, is likely to be hot air blow to the plate, paper fiber mixed with ink electrostatic reaction, elimination method is to dilute ink and gradually accelerated, cover the inking system, or replace ink, installation to electrostatic device.

3, flexo is especially suitable for printing on the spot, if the ground is not firm, cause may be the ink viscosity is too low, the uneven surface of substrates, coping way is to use a high viscosity of the ink, the use of good surface quality on substrates.

4, ink on the plate stacking or branches, with reasons include the large amount of ink, ink printing pressure, printing ink drying too fast or too weak, and so on, the solution is to replace the anilox roll and regulating pressure, slow add dry agent or use high color ink.

5, the cause of the poor adhesion of printing ink drying temperature is too low, ink and material without affinity, dyne value is too low to corona surface treatment, etc. , the solution is to measure the surface tension, improve the drying temperature, replacement ink varieties or Mao Chengyin material surface.

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