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UV, thermal CTP technology topic of how to choose

by:WenJie     2020-04-01

CTP how to choose the UV, thermal, regardless of technology, actually we can calm down and carefully check the cost effectiveness of these two technologies, after all, for printing enterprise, cheap and good equipment is good.

let's look at two devices using plate cost difference: the production material is the business operators to scrimp project, buy equipment, and equipment suppliers bargaining, at best is tens of thousands of dollars, but their equipment everyday consumption takes out the silver plate but own pocket, to calculate carefully, this piece of the gap between every year tens of thousands of small for big is hundreds of thousands of.

we through a simple cost accounting contrast can be clear at a glance. In 1030; 800 mm specifications of the plate, for example, a set of four, UV than thermal plate plate of low cost about 20 yuan, if the monthly output of 2000 as the foundation, using UV than plate thermal plate to save $10000 a month, a year is to save more than 10, two years to save more than 20; If your printer is printed 4000 copies a month, two years with UV than thermal plate plate to save nearly 500000 yuan. If you are 6000, two years with UV than thermal plate plate will save more than 70. Spend hundreds of thousands of similar size do, cause no discretion.

look at thermal CTP and UV - CTP technology between the status quo: UV - CTP and thermal CTP in equipment manufacturing, technology on the structure and production application to end customer has no significant difference, the difference is only part of the 830 nm and 405 nm light source is different, from equipment manufacturing, and assembly to the output speed, application, operation, maintenance, printing & packaging, etc. No difference.

in the prepress design link, if you let the designers to distinguish between thermal and UV is a almost ridiculous thing; In plate-making process operators only pay attention to thermal or UV exposure, production process parameters such as plate machine parameter setting of differentiation. In the printing & packaging process of production line, printing & packaging master care about ink, printing resistance rate, with or without dirty. What customers care about, care about the price, of course!

the last look at the plate production process of difference: the UV - CTP plate belongs to the traditional PS version, plate material production line in theory and no thermal and UV line, used in the aluminum plate volume is the same, but in version base sand Ra value, photosensitive glue, hole sealing, coating process on some indexes such as difference. Thermal plate due to desertification more fine, so it is better than traditional plate on reducing do some, but in dissolve the residual rate of plate material, resistance to alkali alcohol resistance, such as hydrophilic inking performance difference is not big.

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