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UV printing technology in printing industry present situation and prospect

by:WenJie     2020-03-29

in the '60 s of the last century, Germany launched the first applied in wood coating on the uv coating, uv curing technology since then gradually from wood single substrate extended to paper, all kinds of plastic, metal, stone, or cement products, fabrics, leather and so on substrate of the coating application. Processing from the original appearance of the product highlights type, develop to inferior smooth, pearl, hot stamping, texture, etc. , to meet different needs.

uv curing technology is the use of ultraviolet light ( UV) Or for the energy of the electron beam, has the chemical activity of liquid formula in the solidification process of substrate surface to achieve rapid response. As an ingredient in the formula to participate in the curing reaction, no volatile harmful substances into the atmosphere, so the low carbon, environmental protection, no VOC emissions technical advantage to cause the attention of the world, starting in the 1970 s in China for the research and application of uv curing technology, to obtain rapid development in the 90 s. According to relevant statistics, the uv curing coatings in China, UV coating) Production of about 200000 tons, realize the output value of about 8. 3 billion yuan, more than 24 2007 growth. 7%, the product involves wood coatings, paper coating, PVC coating, plastic paint, motorcycle paint, electrical home appliances coatings ( 3 c coating) , metal coating, mobile paint, disc coating, stone material coatings, architectural coatings, etc. Uv ink in 2008, a total of about 20000 tons of production, and successfully infiltrated the originally belongs to the high pollution solvent-based inks domain of offset printing & packaging, gravure, embossed, printing, flexo and other fields.

although uv curing technology has excellent technological advantages, there are more and more domestic manufacturers are turning to the development of uv curing technology, through the observation of China uv curing network, however, uv enterprise marketing level than traditional solvent enterprise still has very big disparity. We can often from TV, Internet, newspapers and other media on traditional coating, ink, some of the marketing strategy, but rarely seen in the field of uv curing enterprises have such thoughts and, no doubt this is not conducive to rapid and healthy development of industry.

chemical enterprise common network marketing method basically has the following kinds: (search engine promotion, B2B platform promotion Including the industry platform and professional platform) BBS promotion, professional technology. Enterprise in the field of uv curing in the network marketing what board? First of all, many enterprises haven't their own websites and web site is the foundation of network marketing, no site also talk about how the network marketing? Second, focus on the industry B2B platform for propaganda, ignore the important role of professional B2B platform, uv curing technology as a new, subdivision of the field, a professional B2B website must have its natural platform advantage, because it is not known by people other than industry, so one can gather industry enterprises and technical personnel in the website platform becomes the people to find information, communication technology, and it either from the coverage of the industry, precision and depth are not possessed by the industry B2B platform. Thirdly, uv curing technology because of the short development history in China, technical strong, is bound to attract more engineers in an engineer places such as uv curing BBS to communicate, discuss, and here should do technology and enterprise marketing a good platform, but unfortunately, the enterprise in the field of uv curing and didn't find and use these channels, but has been keen to traditional mode of exhibition, although the result is bad, but don't know how to change.

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