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UV ink roller and ordinary ink and rubber roller use matters needing attention

by:WenJie     2020-04-03

due to many customers in the production, the same machine, sometimes using ordinary ink, sometimes in use UV ink, so frequent replacement of rubber roller, will therefore, therefore, UV, ordinary amphibious rubber roller to avoid the annoying, popular, but when in use, please pay attention to the following:

( A) The rubber roller is used for ordinary ink printing, with the ordinary rubber roller, can be directly replaced.

( 2) Used for UV ink should pay attention to the following:

a. If the printer the whole rubber roller ( The color) All at the same time change, the new roll is used for the first time must use UV ink oil, so that the rubber roller to adapt to the UV printing ink, usage is as follows:

UV ink oil into the ink tank, such as in the same way as a normal ink boot, make the ink oil is full of all rubber roller surface, running 4 ~ 6 hours rear can begin formal printing.

b。 If in the midst of a several new roller, no matter, can be directly on the UV printing & packaging ink.

the rise of UV ink printing is developing rapidly in recent years. UV ink or UV light curing ink, the ink in the UV ( UV light) Irradiation can be instant dry, the print quality is better than ordinary ink. Because of UV ink and ordinary ink is different, lead to rubber roller and rubber cloth to do the corresponding change, usually to use special rubber roller and rubber cloth.

rubber properties such as hardness, elasticity, directly affect the ink transfer effect and the effect of network representation, therefore also have higher requirements. Different types of offset printing machine manufacturer, may be different to ink roller hardness requirement, its scope to the HS30 ~ 40 & deg; Shaw hardness between.

therefore, the use of UV ink, must be equipped with special rubber cloth and rubber roller, be sure to consult the supplier clear when buy, in order to avoid mistakes.

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