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UV ink in the application of flexible printing advantage is introduced

by:WenJie     2020-04-03

UV ink is also known as UV ink, is to use a certain wavelength ultraviolet (UV) radiation, by photochemical reaction moment, make the liquid UV ink into solid-state ink. Safe and reliable UV flexo ink, solvent emissions, non-flammable, polluting the environment, apply to food, beverage, tobacco, drugs and other health conditions demanding packaging printing. UV flexo printing ink has been used in the field of foreign food printing & packaging for years, without any problems. Good UV flexo ink, printing & packaging eligibility, printing & packaging quality is high, the printing process without changing property, non-volatile solvent, viscosity stability, not easy to paste version of the heap, available higher viscosity printing, lis, strong branches high-definition, order the good reproducibility, inky bright light, adhesion strong, suitable for printing fine products. UV flexo printing ink can be instant drying, high production efficiency, wide adaptation, in the paper, aluminum foil, plastic and so on the different printing carrier all have good adhesion, the product can be stacked, immediately after the printing adhesion will not occur. UV flexo ink excellent physical and chemical properties. UV curing dry process is UV ink photochemical reaction, namely by the process of linear structure into a mesh structure, so has the resistance to water, alcohol, alcohol resistance, abrasion resistance, ageing resistance and many other excellent physical and chemical properties, it is not as good as the other various types of printing ink. UV flexo ink dosage province. In the absence of solvent evaporation, high effective ingredients, can almost 100% into ink film, its dosage is less than half of the ink and solvent ink, and can greatly decrease the number of cleaning for plate and anilox roll, so the comprehensive cost is low. Comprehensive the above characteristics, UV flexo ink no matter from the perspective of environmental protection, quality point of view, or from the perspective of technological development, has obvious advantages and development prospects.

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