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UV glazing prints in the analysis of the causes of yellowing phenomenon

by:WenJie     2020-04-01
Using UV glazing print, can appear sometimes yellowing phenomenon, its main reason has two: one is the yellow UV glazing oil; The second is in the process of polishing, polishing oil only in the print surface curing. And internal is not completely cured. Glazing oil yellow, instead of the oligomer and reactive diluent with some yellow, so should choose colorless oligomer and reactive diluent to make oil polish. In addition, the influence of light initiator is big, there are some yellow light initiator can make the system after curing, such as benzoin methyl ether, so should avoid to use these light initiator preparation glazing oil. In the process of polishing, polishing oil inside there is no completely curing, its internal oil polish thinner gradually absorbed by the ink, paper, at the same time can produce effect of ink in the link, cause fat loss. Pigment is not enough protection, pigment particles. This paper smoothness on the surface of the coating and printing & packaging ink layer will reduce. Rough surface can produce diffuse light, so add factory some white in color composition, raising the lightness, saturation decline, give a person with the feeling of whole yellowing, color lighter. Therefore, we should improve the curing speed of UV glazing oil or choose efficient UV curing light source. In addition, the waterborne UV glazing oil, can avoid thinner, ink and paper coating layer of chemistry, liu can avoid yellowing phenomenon in print.
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