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Used in printing typesetting film which aspects should pay attention to

by:WenJie     2020-04-16
1. Although typesetting film are commonly bright room, can be finished in a indoor light loading process, but in the actual production should strictly abide by the operational procedures, according to the requirement to pack film people pack boxes, table cover, tighten the screw on both sides of the box top ( Pay attention to the uniform force balance on both sides) Then on tear protective film, the dew in the mouth of the film on both sides parallel, width in 1. 5 ~ 2 cm, in the process of moving to live with this, to prevent the film for Wei off? Yu Suan? 不要总是戴着 2. Each batch of laser typesetting film before put into use, should be a basic density test and site linearization, and then take corresponding measures according to the test result, such as adjusting the laser focus, exposure, enhancement of fixing temperature and time in order to realize the standardization, scientific production, prevent no machine products. ( 1) Film density and low density points two. Low density refers to the film processing after totally unexposed area density, usually in 0. 05. Low density value more low more clear transparent, can make the film print outlets are of good quality. Density refers to the film field density by 100% after exposure in flushing. Commonly used in the coated paper printing plate burning film density value not less than 3. 5, usually in 3. Five to four. 5, so that the image information in print on the film is very good to transfer to a plate. Newsprint and offset paper printing ( In the land of the drawing) When, because of especially strong absorbency of paper and printing speed higher reason, its density can be appropriately reduced. ( 2) Linearization is refers to the color separation plate, the requirement that values set by branch in computer can truly reflect the printing film. In 50% neutral gray, for example, requirements by 50% on a computer network, output to the printing & packaging on the film must be 50%, network error is not more than 1% of the earth, otherwise it will cause the distortion of printing & packaging image, it is especially obvious in the color four-color printing & packaging. But the stability of the film developing, fixing conditions it is difficult to guarantee, so be careful, every day for linearization of parking. 3. Adjust the show the concentration of the fixing bath temperature and fixation time. ( 1) Other things being equal, the higher the concentration of the solution, the higher the temperature, the higher the density of the film. If using home-made developer ( For example: love than west SH— 1000). Rinse film, generally will dilute solution by 1:4 ~ 1:3, attention should be paid to developing temperature set too high will make solution failure due to evaporation, the oxidation speed too fast, causing fog through film is high, at the same time density can not meet the requirements. Recommended temperature is 34 ~ 36 ℃, and temperature in developing stable and reach the set temperature and density measurement and linearization. ( 2) Other things being equal, the higher the fixing bath concentration, the higher the temperature, film film base fog degrees ( Low dense) Is lower, the general domestic fixing bath of dilution ratio of 1:4, higher fuser temperature setting ( The high temperature) or summer Can make the fixing bath too fast and failure due to evaporation or oxidation, fog caused film through high, at the same time also can make density can not meet the requirements, and are attached to the upper fuser roller can form liquid crystal, the film scratches, so recommend to fixing temperature 28 ~ 32 ℃, fixing time is 30 ~ 35 seconds. 4. Laser typesetting film containing anti halation layer, in the process of fixing, washing there are some fall out, on the base form the light blue water spots, can add right amount in fixing bath requests to eliminate. Water tank often should keep clean, every day at the end of the work to put out the water in the sink, dry with a clean cloth. Every time before I can add water put off some to get rid of the water dirty, should insist on cleaning water roll at least once a week.
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