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Use the glue stick box machine carton technology advantages

by:WenJie     2020-04-02
1. Is advantageous to the papermaking enterprises recycling old boxes. Can be directly beating, don't need to in addition to the nail, environmentally friendly; 2. The cost is low. Compared with nailing technique, using adhesive than using flat wire nail box can greatly reduce the cost. Especially with the constantly emerging of the new technology of powder, in recent years, while steel prices rising, but also between account can calculate; 3. Carton no damage, no damage to corrugated board, can be relatively increased the strength of the cartons, is advantageous to the long-distance transport of printing & packaging & packaging products; 4. More conducive to built-in objects are not nail scratch, especially in soft material or liquid material, such as fresh milk box, etc. ; 5. Can greatly improve the efficiency of production, automatic stick box machine, in particular, can save manpower. 1 stick box machine can replace 3 nailing machine; 6. Can be matched with the corresponding printing & packaging unit of carton production line throughout a dragon &; Configuration.
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