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Use laser engraving the printing

by:WenJie     2020-08-27

in 1960, the United States, California, hughes laboratory scientist maiman in experiments using a high strength flash lamp stimulation of chromium in ruby crystal atoms, produced a fairly concentrated thin red light, when it fired at a certain point, can make its reach the temperature of the surface is higher than the sun, so was born the world the first laser, & other; Laser & throughout; Also known as & other; Laser & throughout; , English & other; laser” , & other; 辐射的受激发射光Amplificaton” The abbreviation of the first letter of each word mean & throughout; Stimulated radiant light frequency amplifier & throughout; 。 Laser and other major inventions of the 20th century, such as atomic energy, personal computer, semiconductor, etc for the new four great inventions. Called & other; The brightest light & throughout; 、“ The fastest knife & throughout; And & other Most accurate feet & throughout; 。

laser engraving is applied to replace laser processing technology in the field of mechanical cutting processing, since the late 1980 s gradually rise, its principle is. Using the characteristics of the interaction between laser and material for material cutting, punching, marking, marking, graven images, such as process, because the precision and speed of use laser unique to the paper surface finishing area can achieve other technology can not reach the effect and benefit. Is the process in the laser processing system closely integrated with the computer software technology, on the basis of through image processing software of vector graphic input to laser engraving process, with tiny beam of light from a laser engraving machine, according to the program design in the carved material surface etched pattern or contour cutting object pattern.

laser engraving for has a very wide range of materials, common are paper, leather, wood, plastic, organic glass. Metal, glass, stone, crystal, etc. In the paper, laser engraving can be hollow out, half a vulture. Fixed-point carving. Die cutting, etc. , for example, traditional postpress circular wedge Angle, dots, or die cutting in die cutting knife and the actual operating process are not perfect, and laser die-cutting can easily achieve the ideal effect.

according to the specific scene in laser engraving and there are two common kinds: lattice vector cutting and carving.

lattice carved lattice of similar high definition printing & packaging, laser by line moving from left to right, each line to form a line composed of a series of points, a laser beam to move up and down to the downside, carving as a progressive, finally complete the sheet of the preset graphic. The diameter of the point can be different, depth can also be set, it is carved by lattice arrangement and the thickness of light and shade, so as to achieve the artistic effect of designers need, in general, the scanning of graphic processing directly into a vector graphic can be used, and the whole preset graphic. The diameter of the point can be different, also can set the depth, it is carved by lattice arrangement and weight light and shade, so as to achieve the designer need artistic effect.

vector cutting can be understood as the die cutting processing. Different is, vector cutting more accurate and can be widely used in more material. With bitmap carving is also different, vector cutting completed actions are graphical outline and is usually through a cutting of the object, there are half transmission vector of cutting, such as on the surface of leather and paper also can be made by setting depth is elegant standard or graphics.

laser engraving as using beams of light burning, to set the graphics according to the design process. Design should be considered when the physical properties of the object, in the paper, for example, density is too small, and the paper not through this process. In addition, graphic composition should Jane, complex graphics make the irradiation of laser beam and long residence time, adverse to keep paper surface color.

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