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To press oil need to pay attention to

by:WenJie     2020-03-31
General printing & packaging machine oil for manual filling, point is more, a simple gas when in fact there are many good, first choice, from the choice of oil to oil injection frequency, location, cleaning by strict requirement. The following press oil and share. 1, must ensure that at least once a week go ( Day to work 8 hours) 。 2, moving parts, such as CAM, bearings, gears, correlation between the gear lever, ink roller ends between shaft and rotating parts lubrication. 3, pay attention to whether oil eye congestion, appear not feed phenomenon; The oil viscosity shoulds not be too loose. 4, pay attention to the important parts of some easy omission, such as: impression cylinder diao teeth axis three oil eye, elevator shaft end two eyes, etc. 5, list the ink roller to remove once every six months, between worm wheel and the follower to butter or oil at a high speed. Warm prompt: the printing press in addition to oil, clean paper roller, ink pump cover, printing & packaging ink and line, will leave the ink roller ink forme roller and scrub clean is also very important.
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