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To investigate the relationship between the paper price and the product cost

by:WenJie     2020-04-11
Paper costs in proportion to the cost of paper products accounted for more than 60%, therefore, to increase profits, most paper enterprises are used in the paper the price fluctuation kongfu, think as long as the paper price is lower, the lower the product cost. As a matter of fact, the paper is directly proportional to the price and the product cost is not. If we do not consider the product actual need, just blindly to lower the price of paper with a bottom line, instead, corporate profits will continue to decline, even at a loss. This is because when the paper price is lower than the actual needs, the bottom line of products, product cost not only won't drop, it will rise. This article through to investigate the relationship between the paper price and product cost, the hope can give industry to instill a correct philosophy: reasonable use paper can reduce the cost. 1. Paper the performance of the product cost if the paper is the influence of different prices, the effect of surface treatment has the very big difference, such as paper surface coating process, the paper surface smoothness is different also, consumption of ink, light oil consumption, such as resin coated on a larger impact. Paper surface smoothness is high, the ink penetration is small, brightly colored ink layer, the small amount of ink; On the other hand, the ink penetration is big, dark ink layer, low chroma, must increase the amount of ink on it. At the same time, the paper surface smoothness is high, the light oil consumption, and the effect of the gluing quantity less; On the other hand, the gloss of paper requires more light oil to the pits on the surface of the paper fill and level up, and the effect of the gluing quantity a little bit small, the effect will be weak, so you must increase the amount of glue, and each increase in the volume 1 g glue, is equivalent to the cost increase for 2 cents. It is not hard to see, the consumption of the auxiliary materials cost is inversely proportional to the price of paper. 2. Cost of sales in addition to normal development and business aspects of the cost, cost of sales includes because of quality problems brought about by the after-sales cost, business volume to reduce the cost. ( 1) After cost. For paper enterprises, after cost is a tiger's mouth. Once the product quality problems, can appear truck just to have the goods sent away, after-sales team will follow up. Product quality problems of small and transportation distance is near, pay hundreds of dollars can be a solution; Product quality problem, transportation distance, would have to spend thousands of dollars. And once in return, the loss will not be able to measure. ( 2) Business to reduce costs. If slumped due to quality problems, can cause more relationship repair costs, personnel costs, etc. 3. Ready for the material waste is often the case, in view of some large customers, in order to timely delivery of the goods and ensure the production of calm, most paper enterprises will take the way of early stock to pre-production, and pre-production typically require in the case of no order active prepare some specific raw material, and the raw materials especially paper stop once appear quality problem caused by customer list, it is bound to cause a large number of raw materials inventory can't even use for a long time, or used for other products, printed overqualified, wasteful, these costs can remedy and recover in time. 4. Machining cost costs associated with the physical properties of paper not only, also associated with the equipment efficiency of paper enterprises. The physical properties of the paper, the better, the higher production efficiency; Paper physical properties, the lower the efficiency. But these are on the premise of equipment with high efficiency, once the equipment efficiency is reduced, will increase the cost of artificial cost and energy consumption, will directly affect the paper enterprise management costs and financial costs. Therefore, the cost of equipment efficiency is crucial factor. 5. Molding bad caused the cost of packing is equal to the product, clothes is good key to see the materials and process. And the influencing factors on the quality of the packaged product is much more complicated, because paper offset printing & packaging corrugated packaging, in particular, its structure is composed of several layers of paper framed together, because a certain degree of shrinkage will happen after the paper to be affected with damp be affected with damp, and different levels of paper shrinkage rate is different, the paper quality of a material is the worse, the greater the deformation, once one of the layer of paper appear problem, so the whole piece of corrugated board can appear deformation, at this time to produce paper products will always appear different degree of deformation. In this way, can only be the consequences of return. 6. Terminal of difficulties due to the use of cost with the increasing of packaging equipment manufacturing technology, many large and medium-sized enterprises terminal is equipped with automatic printing & packaging & packaging production line, in order to improve efficiency, reduce cost. And the basic requirement of automation packaging production line is fluent, once has the not smooth phenomenon, will cause certain influence to the production capacity. So if provide packaging paper enterprises caused by paper quality problems do not accord with the requirement of automation packaging production line, can cause frequent stop line, affect the normal operation of the production line, leading to end the resistance of the enterprise. As a result, not only cause the waste products, and also influence the corporate reputation.
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