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To evaluate the quality of the printing method is analysed

by:WenJie     2020-03-30
industry often take to evaluate the quality of the printing method is divided into two categories, subjective evaluation and objective evaluation. Subjective assessment usually refers to by the people rather than using the instrument for quality evaluation, visible, objective & throughout; And subjective & throughout; These two words can be seen as instruments & throughout; And the instrument & throughout; Synonyms. Use instrument to evaluate is often thought to be objective, not subjective influence, but for the method of instrument has been carried out a statistical analysis of measurement results proved that the instrument method is not objective, the operator will be more or less with the result of the experiment the subjective influence, of course, in some cases, the instrument measuring method is not influenced by subjective factors. Can to speculate that the instrument method, by judging method, namely the subjective influence than the subjective influence of instrument method. But in terms of a CPU or group of evaluation personnel, and often can be basically objective evaluation, so give the instrument approach labeled subjective, easy to misleading. Evaluation personnel can according to different demands of subjective evaluation and objective evaluation, observe judged samples with different eyes. For example, if the subject is the same, different density of a set of images to a set of evaluation personnel, and asked them in accordance with the printed matter of light and shade degree objectively judge the level of these images, it is not hard to do them. But ask them according to the subjective interests ( Psychological weighted) To assess the level of the picture, the evaluation result will be entirely different. In this case, the judge the accuracy of the results fall, theme image will also be a related factors. It should be noted that the judge personnel's subjective interests is not no pattern. The consistency of subjective interest degree is generally high. For example, it has been found, with pale yellow newsprint print is different, most of the judge personnel of newsprint in light blue print showed obvious trend. The actual printing quality & throughout; And the feeling of print quality & throughout; Should be the difference, from the technological point of view, this is the right, from the point of view of the goods, to feel the printing quality & throughout; More interested in. Although the actual printing quality can be measured with instrument, but often choose accord with perceptual impression unit to represent the actual printing quality, it is for this reason. For example: the amount of ink is transferred to paper not as interesting as optical density value of the printed matter, because the value of the optical density of print a logarithmic function, it can adapt the actual measured value to the people's visual psychological law. Through India, smearing degrees can also be expressed in logarithmic function, it is right to do so. The assessment of the quality of printed matter, there are two methods available for the application. One way is to require PingDingZhe according to their subjective impression evaluation; Another method is to require PingDingZhe sees itself as a kind of instrument, from a technical point, as far as possible to objectively assess the quality of the print. These two methods there are subtle differences, in general, evaluation personnel should be required to use the latter method. As much as possible to the objective evaluation, however, was not as easy as people imagine, all instruments shall be scale, the measured results are expressed in scale values to be, but will assume for the instrument, it is not to scale. In fact such forms of assessments, most USES paired comparison method, using this method, for sample set judged, every time take a pair of comparison, this is one of the most basic subjective evaluation technology. Paired comparison method has a problem is: the more people can easily identify a as the focus on the difference of each sample, the more difficult it is to link different samples and scale. Using the instrument of paired comparison assessment of the quality of printed matter, the difference between the result of the performance evaluation personnel, this is because the evaluation personnel evaluation is not the same as the starting point, multidimensional nature has led to the evaluation results. In the print quality evaluation, there is a basic problem is to require their merits to observe what. Generally speaking, evaluation process should be kept as simple as possible, and is one-dimensional, but that's not easy to do. For example: in the middle of the judge gravure product light, one-dimensional guidelines set is difficult, in this case, can consider the so-called multidimensional quality evaluation technology. This is also a kind of subjective evaluation method. Besides paired comparison and multidimensional classification method, and some subjective evaluation method, this basically is: scale rating method, adjust clean, limit method, etc. About the objective evaluation method of color image, in essence is to use the proper quantities or quality characteristic parameters for quantitative description of the image quality, provide the basis for effectively control and manage the printing & packaging quality. For color images, the printing quality of evaluation content mainly includes the color reproduction, gradual gradation reappearance, clarity and resolution, the micro quality and quality stability of the network, etc. Article can use density meter, spectrophotometer, control and measure the quality parameters, such as image processing means. With the measured data, however, control the production process is one thing, with the measured data was carried out on the image quality objective evaluation will not be easy. Few independent variable printing quality parameters, the effect of each factor how to influence the image quality evaluation and how to affect the influence of other parameters on image quality assessment, involving various parameters affects the image quality of the weighted value of the weighted value can use multivariate regression analysis method and fuzzy mathematics method, subjective evaluation method can also be used as an objective evaluation method of decision variables is difficult to solve related issues, this is the so-called comprehensive evaluation method.
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